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19th Mar, 2016

Ross Poldark


Emmerdale icons


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5th Mar, 2016

Ross Poldark


Casualty Icons


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2nd Jan, 2011



What's the best UK shows on your list?

Hello all. I did this one time before, and you all gave me some amazing feedback and turned me on to some aaaaawesome shows! So, since it's been about a year, thought I'd try it again:

I'm an American. But I gotta tell ya, I looooove UK shows. There's something better and edgier than the US shows (except for a couple US cable shows like True Blood and Entourage, etc). Anyway, I'm always on the hunt for some new shows to get into from the UK. Any suggestions? Here are my faves right now:

Doctor Who
The Inbetweeners
Sara Jane Adventures

Anything else I should be checking out? Let me know! ;-)

22nd Oct, 2010

Gay » It's not a big deal homophobia is


Lip Service - have you seen it?

I'm searching around for a community, or other people who are watching the new UK show Lip Service. Am I the only one tuning in? It seems like no one is talking about it...

5th Aug, 2010



Masterchef slash community - oh go on, you know you want to! :)

Are there any fans of Masterchef here on uktelevision? :) Is there anybody out there in the universe, ever that loves the epic slashiness between John Torode and Gregg Wallace as much as I?

Oh I know that it's sickeningly wrong *laughs* but Masterchef is what I consider to be the pinnacle of crap British telly, I have gone and created [info]masterchefslash - but sadly, it is hard to spread the word of the joy I have found in, for example, Torode's bizarre cardigans, lip-licking and eye-rolling galore, as well as the way that Gregg Wallace nearly spontaneously orgasms over every pudding. And therefore, we are a small comm, and we need a little umph to get us off the ground <3

So to join in with slashy ramblings and just general whimsical Masterchef chat, then please join us!


10th Jan, 2010



Suggestions please!

'Ello mates! Alright? *snicker* I love British expressions! ;-)

So, I live here in the US and am obsessed with British TV!!!!! I'm looking for suggestions for some good shows out that I could download or watch on the Internet. Here are the ones I'm into now:

Doctor Who
Being Human
The InBetweeners
Beautiful People
Big Brother UK
Celebrity Big Brother UK

Any other good shows you can turn me on to???

29th Nov, 2009


Waking the Dead

Hello! I am a US fan of the series Waking the Dead. I recently found out Series 2 is on my Netflix to watch instantly, but I was wondering if there are any other places online which I can view the entire series. I mean there must be, right?


23rd May, 2009



New Shows!??!

'Ello! I'm over here in the states, but am still obsessed with UK tv. I loooove Big Brother UK, Britain's Go Talent, Skins, Being Human, Dr. Who, Torchwood, Shameless, The Inbetweeners. But since I don't live over there, I don't know what other shows are worth finding out there on the Internet.

Can anyone suggest some shows. And if you could, tell me what kind of show it is (Ie, comedy, sci-fi, drama, ec) that would be GREAT!!!!

27th Feb, 2009


British/Scottish TV Shows Help

Hey guys,

I'm from Germany and going to the UK in the fall. I'm pretty much fluent in american english, but I have a lot of trouble understanding british and scottish accents.

I'm looking for a couple of british drama/comedy shows that I could watch to improve my english. The "harder" the accents, the better.

I watch a lot of american TV and love medical shows like House and Grey's Anatomy, but am also quite obsessed with Lost.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. =)

25th Feb, 2009




Is the new character "Hayley" (Zack's sister) disabled in real life?

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