Antonio (antonioooo) wrote in uktelevision,

Suggestions please!

'Ello mates! Alright? *snicker* I love British expressions! ;-)

So, I live here in the US and am obsessed with British TV!!!!! I'm looking for suggestions for some good shows out that I could download or watch on the Internet. Here are the ones I'm into now:

Doctor Who
Being Human
The InBetweeners
Beautiful People
Big Brother UK
Celebrity Big Brother UK

Any other good shows you can turn me on to???
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The IT Crowd
Black Books
Mini Series: Blackpool (David Tennant & David Morrissey, psuedo musical)
The Royle Family
The Office (Not as good as the American version imo, but you get to see where the show started.)
Extras (The story of Ricky Gervias trying to sell the script to "The Office" and working as an Extra while doing so)
Spooks (MI5 in the US, same show)

Top 3 (That aren't on your list.)
3. Merlin (The story of powerful Warlock Merlin and Prat Prince Arthur before they were great and powerful.)
2. Spaced (Starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes, features a finger gun fight.)
1. Life on Mars (The American Version of this is stupid. But the UK show is great! A cop gets hit by a car and gets sent back in time. He has to figure out what has happened while dealing with his Boss DCI Gene Hunt, the sequel to this Series is Ashes to Ashes, it's not as good, but once you fall in love with Gene Hunt, you will be in love with Gene Hunt forever.)

I can't think of anything else I watch... I'm sure I will think of more as soon as I push send.
Mint! Thanks, mate!