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20th Feb, 2009


Year Dot

  Hey guys, I recently discovered this Channel 4 project, Year Dot, has anybody else seen any of it? I'm loving it. So much so that I've started a group. I'd never heard anything about it until this week. Am I just very behind?

10th Feb, 2009



The Wright pimpage

themwrightstufftheMwrightstuff - The community celebrating the joy that is Matthew Wright's The Wright Stuff, currently showing on Five.

Created for discussion of the talking points raised on the show, and not =just= for the worship of Mr Wright himself. ;)

20th Nov, 2008


For Sharpe's Lovers!!

Hello everyone! :D
I'm trying to get a petition signed to air Sharpe's Peril in Scotland.
As many of the Scottish people noticed.. STV cancelled Sharpe's Peril and aired something else during Novemebr 2 & 9. Please help me to get this petition signed :) I talked to the company that arranged the program and if there's enough signatures they would definitely consider putting the show back on STV..

Thank you so much!!! :D



10th Oct, 2008



Ok, so it's not strictly UK

But has anyone started watching the Ice Road Truckers on the history channel?

We watched this last year and it was brilliant, looking forward to this series.

It basically follows a group of guys who drive 18 wheeler "big rigs" across the frozen Artic Ocean to deliver stuff to the gas exploration teams up there. (See, so not UK tv, filmed in america and soo american!)

Check it out, well worth a look, SKY ch 529, Thursdays at 9pm.

7th Oct, 2008

team mike



Coming of Age is pure genius!

3rd Oct, 2008

Ben (taz)


Beautiful People

Now that was really great, I would really urge people to go and watch it on BBCi player if you didn't catch it.

26th Sep, 2008


Secret Diary of a Call Girl...

I loved the first series of this but I'm not really finding tthe current one particularly good viewing, mainly because of Billie Piper's obvious pregnancy and the not-so subtle ways they're trying to disguise it. I'm finding it quite weird to watch now with the big baby bump and chubby face, and I'm finding myself not paying much attention to what's going on, but looking at how pregnant she is in each episode! Should they have postponed it until after she'd had the baby, or am I the only one who really notices these things?! And did anyone not even realise she was pregnant in it?!

22nd Sep, 2008



(no subject)

recently i've been researching old childrens' tv programmes and buying a few on dvd for my son to watch (he's only 1 so we're keeping it quite simple - ie button moon, ivor the engine, fingerbobs, mr men). it's quite a nostalgic process and there are so many shows i'd forgotten about. here are a few that i'd like to see again:

fingermouse (we have the fingerbobs dvd and it's brilliant, but i couldn't find the fingermouse spinoff series anywhere)
simon and the witch


My favourite TV Programs

Here is the short list of my favourite tv programs:

My not so short, short listCollapse )
Ben (taz)



A UK TV community. Love you 7rin <3

I am currently watching:-

Lost In Austen... now it's OK, anyone that is a Pride and Prejudice fan will have, at one time, mentally inserted themselves into the story and it was only a matter of time before some sort of Mary-Sue fic made it into mainstream TV... and it comes complete with a wet shirt scene *swoon*. It's a program you can't take seriously or compare it to the book/mini series/crap film with Ms Knighly otherwise that path leads to madness. Still it's on my Sky Plus as a not to miss bit o' telly.

Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Yes I like my period drama and this one is early days. It's been a while since I read the book but I'm mentally gearing myself up for the big bad stuff. I watch this one on BBC iPlayer (update plz BBC).

Other stuff I watch at the moment, Who do You Think you are - which isn't nearly as interesting as previous series, Secret Diary of a Call Girl - which is more like a crack addiction than a good show. QI & Mock the Week - both for the fact I can legitimately pee myself laughing.

Watched Merlin on Saturday, which was what prompted me to post in LJ UK to find a community to bitch about it. What is it with the BBC, promoting these programs that turn out to be shit, like Bone Kickers or Robin flippin Hood? For a channel that can turn out a good period drama, they really do cock it up.

I do have an eclectic taste when it comes to TV, I love Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Period Dramas, shows like Ugly Betty and My Name is Earl, America's Next Top Model, Dexter, House, CSI and the Discovery Channel.

I also like Pirates.


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